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Welcome to Unity Barn.  We are a wholistic support center located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, providing relationship healing and personal development through Counseling, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Alternative approaches to personal transformation.  We support a non medical model for individuals seeking more wholistic alternatives to their self growth and healing needs.




Shamangelic Breathwork

Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony

Saturday July 20th at 7:00pm

This Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony offers you guided visualization, transformational Breathwork, deep soulful medicine music, sound therapy, energy healing, Shamanic tools and wisdom and light body expansion techniques with activations to facilitate a sacred journey into the deepest part of your being so you may experience higher states of consciousness and new levels of awareness.  

In this Sacred Journey, Akasha will provide a safe and loving container to journey into the layers of where ancestral trauma are held & shine a light on core wounds & limiting beliefs & emotional issues while being safely supported in a variety of ways. It is also an opportunity to call in your highest potential to empower the greatest aspect of you.  To cultivate & send fresh energy to any part of your mind, body or soul that may need it. To call in and manifest your deepest desires through empowering your intention in this potent container we create together! ⭐️


In this potent container of deep release, Nancy will facilitate a sacred gong bath to re-calibrate the parasympathetic nervous system.  Playing and listening to the gongs is about spiritual, physical, and emotional resolution - opening of doors and windows to the Universe.

As we travel into higher states of consciousness and relax into deep awareness, Nancy will offer organic ceremonial grade cacao from Peru. For thousands of years people have considered cacao as a sacred plant with potent healing properties.  Cacao is a powerful heart-opener, increasing blood flow 30-40% with a ceremonial dose.  It increases focus so that meditation, yoga, and therapeutic work are more accessible. The gentle, supportive energy of cacao allows people to expand and experience heightened states of awareness, gratitude, and connection.

Please, no heavy eating 2 hours prior to ceremony and please attend this event scent free (No perfumes or essential oils).

Please bring water, yoga mat and blanket for your comfort. ~ Everyone is Welcome ~

Doors will close promptly at 7pm - NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Energy Exchange of $45.00 per person

To register for this event, click here or call the UNITY BARN at 267-880-6322

Space is limited, pre-registration is required.

Shamangelic Breathwork with Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony

Shamangelic Breathwork with Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony



Akasha began her training in 2010 in Usui Reiki and then quickly received her Reiki Master in 2011, it was then she was having Angelic encounters and visitations from Ascended Masters and beings from loved ones from the other side.  She started to having past life recall of living as medicine women and working on clients shamanically.  

Akasha NohAta is certified Shamangelic Breathwork Practitioner since 2016. She trained and studied closely with Anahata Ananda in her private home. She also received many other certifications and teachings while under her studies in shamanic tools and wisdom, empowerment and awakening and healing tools and modalities. 

Akasha continued her studies and is now certified in:

Basic Theta Healing DNA and

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master 

Akasha is also a Keeper of Light Frequencies channeling Light Codes through sound, vibration and LIGHT.

For more infomration, you may contact Akasha here, www.akashanohata.com


Integrative Yoga Therapist, Founder of Paramatma Yoga Teacher Training, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Munay-ki Stewardess, Fire Priestess 

Learn more about Nancy: www.ritesofthehealer.com or "Like" Nancy’s Facebook page Heal Thyself for updates.

Akasha Nohata

Akasha Nohata

Nancy Cooke

Nancy Cooke