Integrative Healing Services for your Mind, Spirit and Body

Welcome to Unity Barn.  We are a wholistic support center located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, providing relationship healing and personal development through Counseling, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Alternative approaches to personal transformation.  We support a non medical model for individuals seeking more wholistic alternatives to their self growth and healing needs.

Heart–Brain Interactions: The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other’s functioning. The signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing and higher cognitive functions. This system and circuitry is viewed by neurocardiology researchers as a ‘“heart brain”.

Inner Stillness and Silence

Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.  Many spiritual cultures agree inner stillness creates an energetic environment for supporting our advancing consciousness that can unleash the transformational power of our love.

That's why, from the beginning of HeartMath, many of the tools and especially the technology has been designed to monitor and facilitate easier access to stillness and its connection to our natural inner wisdom and guidance. Forget the mystical and think of inner stillness as something practical and street-worthy. How many times have we told friends or children to get still inside and listen-up because we have something important to tell them?

This reveals our innate respect for the value of stillness, so why not use it the way it can count the most, to quiet our mental and emotional static so we can hear the counsel from our heart's intuitive suggestions for better choices and outcomes.

When our mind finally lets go, inner stillness is where we land. From there we can reset and upgrade the experience of our life. The earlier we learn the value of inner stillness, the less we need to experience the more stressful ways life often nudges us into considering higher choices for personal peace and happiness.

Please visit HeartMath Institute for more information on their products and research.

Biofeedback Sessions

HeartMath has revolutionized stress reduction by developing a proprietary, scientific process and award-winning Biofeedback technology that allows you to:

  • Be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions, especially under pressure.
  • Improve health, stamina and well-being; maintain personal balance and avoid stress and burnout.
  • Maximize creativity and innovation.
  • Boost performance and overall intelligence.
  • Control heart rhythms to achieve the optimal performance zone (outside of the stress zone).
  • Transform the physiological response to stress and quickly re-balance mind, body and emotions for greater intelligence, creativity, decision making ability and communication skills.

emWave Pro tracks, records and saves session data to monitor your progress.  In addition you can set up an online HeartCloud account to access your progress and data, as well as integrate your own emWave device data.

emWave Pro tracks, records and saves session data to monitor your progress.  In addition you can set up an online HeartCloud account to access your progress and data, as well as integrate your own emWave device data.

At Unity Barn we have found that training with Biofeedback devices such as the HeartMath emWave are extremely helpful in teaching skills to regulate emotions, improve concentration, learning mindfulness and meditation techniques, or as a stand alone method to develop skills to reduce your overall stress levels.

In today's world, it's important for people to learn stress reduction and emotional management skills. 

With the access to the internet and increased educational opportunities people are smarter than ever these days. And yet, we are more anxious, stressed, depressed, reactive and over medicated than ever. This is a sign that we are out of balance.

Over 20 years of research by the Institute of HeartMath on Stress and the effect of emotions on our body has told us that it is the quality of the emotion that affects how our body responds. With our emWave technology we are able to measure this through the beat-to-beat changes in our heart rate, called Heart Rate Variability.


emWave Technology

 emWave technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our psychological and physiological processes.

Learn to harness the power of your heart rhythms to manage your emotions. Doing this reduces your stress, improves your health, your ability to focus, to communicate better, be more creative, as well as more balanced in your interactions, which in turn improves relationships.

Supportive consultation sessions and training are available and can be added utilized with you current services.